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Single man, Alone Progressing Ahead With a Patience

In childhood in Year 1978, Mr M. V. Kamath Inaugurated Joint Exhibition of Painting Art of Deepak Pithwa.

Deepak Pithwa Illustrated Drawings For Mumbai Samachar
News Paper in 1984 at Age of 16.

Leading Journalists  Mr Kanti Bhatt & Ms Sheela Bhatt Valued Deepak Pithwa's Creative Talents.

Deepak Pithwa Worked For Art For Yuvadarshan Weekly Magazine.

India's Padmashree & Giants President Mr Nana Chudasama Valued Deepak Pithwa's Creative Talents.

In Deepak's Childhood Late Jain Saint Yashodevsuri Visualised Hidden Art & Knowledge & told to Take Salvation in Jainism.

Once a Strong Efficient Businessman of Mumbai's Printing Industry Mr Prakash Bafna Valued Deepak's Art and Gave Him an Upbringing Chances.

From 1990 to 1995 Deepak Pithwa was on the Board Of JD Institute Of Fashion Technology For Creative Directions.

Surprisingly, Real Brother Late Mr Hemant Pithwa could not found Hidden Talents and Skills of Younger Brother Deepak Pithwa.

In Year 2001 Deepak Pithwa comments in Public Interest by Suggesting His Valuable Opinion on Law to the India.

While Schooling in Year 1982 Deepak Pithwa Awarded 1st Prize in Prestigious 13th Apsara Drawing Sketching Contest by India's Leading Art Material Manufacturer Hindustan Pencils.

In Year 2005 Deepak Pithwa Wrote a First Remarkable Book ‘Khantili Nari’
Stating Lifestory of 60 Enterprising Gujarati Kutchhi Community Women Of Mumbai & Gujarat.

In Year 2005, US Political Activist Mr Elwood A. Smith -Visited Deepak Pithwa's Web Site and thought of Incorporating Deepak's Talents.

Deepak Got Original Art Talents From Mumbai & India's Well Known Fine Art Painter, Art Professor & Kodak International Photographic Award Winner Journalistic Photographer Father Late Mr Jagu Pithwa

Deepak’s Grand Father Late Mr Harjivan Pithwa was the Socialist of Gujarat & Mumbai’s Blacksmith (Iron) & Wood Crafters’ Caste & Founded the (NGO) Charitable Community Welfare House in Mumbai.

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Instant Mobile Contact Mumbai India:

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Emails: maildeepakpithwa@gmail.com


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If You are Looking for Any Kind of Development or Set up of Your Personal or of Business or an Institution or Any Projects then Indian Never married Gujarati by Community Mumbai Citizen Mr. Deepak Pithwa can be appropriate to Shape up Your Valuable Efforts.

Mr Deepak Pithwa concerns: Services, Applications, Coordination & Project Plannings or Project Designs in Fine, Graphic & Commercial Creative Art Science & Institutions,  Fashion, Structure & Appearance Art Science for Dresswear or Building Designs & Institutions, Logical Subject Writing & Journalism, Advertising, Print Art & Publications, Career Selection Guidance for Youth, Any Brand or Product Promotions, Trend Creation, Public Relations & Tieupships, Fund Raising Projects for Charity Institutions and many more with his Ever developing & recognizing Psychological Talents.